Do’s & Don’ts of Ordering Seafood at a Restaurant

Not all people love eating seafood and even those who do find it a little intimidating to order at a restaurant mainly because they aren’t much familiar with all the items that are on the menu. It’s not only the seafood that matters, in fact, from the cooking method to the allergy concerns, but you also have to consider it all. You would want to make sure that you are choosing a seafood dish that is in accordance with your dietary needs and in accordance with your flavour needs.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue?

You can always hire a wedding planner for your big day, but what’s the fun when you don’t get to plan your own wedding and organise things the way you want them to be? If you are someone who has dreamt of a perfect wedding, at the perfect venue in the perfect wedding dress, you definitely should be the one making all the decisions about your wedding.

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