Australia is well known for its wine for a reason, it produces some of the best that the world has to offer. They are the fourth largest exporter of wine around the world and the drink contributes greatly to the economy as well as boosts tourism within the country. One thing that tourists love to get involved with is wine tasting. If you plan to do this while visiting the country, and you really should, vineyards are amazing places to visit, we’ll take a look at what you should expect.

What to Wear

Wine tasting is a chic affair, so try and dress up rather than down. Floaty fabrics work well as the weather tends to be hot or sunny, although you should layer because it can get chilly in the afternoons. Try and avoid colours that reflect because you will be examining the clarity of your wine in the glass, you don’t want to wear anything that might affect the colour of the wine. Avoid white, too. The last thing you want is wine stains on white. Remember, that red wine especially can discolour teeth as well as your clothes. Try and make sure you brush your teeth straight after your visit, although you might wish to consider whitening the teeth at home or at a clinic such as Pure Dentistry, if they do discolour.

How to Taste

You should normally work from light to dark when trying wines, so that you can enjoy each flavour to its fullest, from the most delicate to the most full-bodied. Before you pick up your glass, ensure that you swirl it clockwise to release the full flavour of the wine. You should aim to do this at a moderate speed, not too fast or too slow. When picking up your glass, hold it by the stem as fingerprints can affect the clarity of the wine in the glass. Once you have picked up the wine, really take the time to breathe in the aroma. Close your eyes, to really let your sense of smell take over. The aroma of the wine is very much part of the experience of enjoying the drink, so don’t miss this part of the process. When it’s time to sip the drink, take it into your mouth and swirl it around much like you would a mouthwash. This way it can reach all taste sensors within the mouth.


Choosing a wine to purchase is a complicated process, but for your first attempts, you should focus on how the aroma and taste make you feel. Go with what works well for you. It is also important to think carefully about your budget. You do often need to pay a fee towards visiting a winery but this is usually refunded against the cost of any wine that you choose to purchase. Take this into account when choosing your wine, it might well be that you can afford to buy more wine. It could also work out cheaper if you join the wine clubs that many vineyards offer. Make sure you speak to the staff to find out what options might be available to you.