Your engagement ring is the ring that you wear for the rest of yourself life, hence it needs to be a very special ring. Every girl dreams of their perfect proposal, the perfect location, the perfect maxi dress, and most of all, the perfect ring.  Now if your special someone gets you the wrong ring or a ring that you feel does not match you or your personality, then this can be a problem. However, a bigger problem can be if you talk too much about your dream ring or imply you want a certain kind because that can be taken in the wrong way.

This is why we have decided to compile together a few tips that will help you get the engagement ring that you dream of without coming off as too controlling or too picky. Following these tips will get you that ring without making your significant other feel too burdened or annoyed.

  1. Use pictures

A great way to get your point across is through pictures. It is said that a picture is equivalent to a 1000 words. Well, in this case, it may be true. Through the help of pictures, you can subtly hint the type of picture you want from your partner showing the cut, color, and shape of the ring you want. This will help your partner choose the ring as well as you will get the ring you want. Now if you were to directly show the picture, it would be too direct and seem too obvious. This is why we believe you could leave your laptop open waiting for him to notice for example leave it on platinum rings at Monty Adams page online or focus on the ring when showing him a picture from the magazine just to be subtle.

  • Shop together

Shopping together for the ring will help you get the ring you want and also help him get an idea of what you would like to wear. You could go into a local jeweler and look at different rings. While he does not need to buy one on the spot, but it will give him a good idea of what you would like to wear.

  • Get a confidant

All couples have this one friend that is a mutual friend to both people. We suggest you make that friend is your confidant and get their help in choosing the perfect ring. This will then ensure that your partner gets the right ring for you as they will have the support of your friend who will know exactly what you want. Your friend will also be able to guide your partner to buy the one you want rather than choosing on their own. This will prove to be a great benefit to you.

By using these few tips, you can make sure that you get the perfect ring on your finger without seeming too upfront or seeming like you want to control all aspects. However, it’s just that a girl knows what she wants on her finger for the rest of her life and it needs to be perfect.