Australia is one of those places where every little inch of it is covered in beauty and marvel. Whether it is deserts or the magnificent beaches, there is beauty in both. The region of Canberra is also famous for the beautiful sites it has and the beautiful wineries it holds. If you are a person who wants to camp near Canberra, this is the perfect post for you.

We have compiled a few places that we feel are worth taking a trip to in this list and you should definitely give it a try. If you want to know more about caravan parks in Canberra then look no further. This website will give you the complete information you will need for a successful and worthy trip.

  1. Cotter Campground

Cotter Campground is set near the Cotter River so the person camping can take full advantage of the beauty and usefulness of the river. With gorgeous sights and melodious sound of the water, this is the perfect spot to camp. It is good for many types of people like those who use tents to camping vans to caravans and more. The best part is that this campground comes with tons of facilities which will really ease your stay and help your trip, For example, you can bbq; they have toilets available, dishwashing facilities, hot showers, and running water. They also have some of the best walking trails in the area around, so you can hike up and explore nature on your feet too when you get bored of the camp.

  • Honeysuckle Campground

The honeysuckle campground is placed adjacent to the former space tracking station, which can be a pretty cool sight for a person. It is a beautiful location with gorgeous scenery and views and is perfect for families and groups who want to camp together. It is fully equipped with things that you will need especially when on a trip with the family. Close by are the Booroomba Rocks and the Australian Alps Walking Track which can be great sites to explore and this is the perfect location to set camp at.

  • Alivio Tourist Park

At times, we hesitate in going all out and prefer something a little less out there. Maybe something a little more in our comfort zone? The Alivio Tourist Park is a fully equipped and serviced park for those who want to explore the outdoors but do not want to leave the comforts of the modern world. They have comfortable villas available for accommodation and cabins and campsites too. It is very close to the city centre yet it is surrounded by scenic sights and bushland which is a sight to see. As a guest, you have access to the modern parts of life like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, restaurants while also getting access to the serenity of nature.