Spring and summer may seem to be the perfect time to explore some of the wineries and you may feel like staying at home as the winter season approaches. However, winter shouldn’t stop you from exploring some of the incredible wine places across Australia.

Australia has some of the most amazing wine places that you simply should not miss. Fire pits and seasonal foods and red wines are some of the refreshments that will keep you warm in most of the wineries. And while you’re at it, you should not hesitate on dressing fashionably for it.

Winter usually seems to mean you have a formal look with jeans and a coat, you can try on different layers for example by wearing a turtle neck with a silk midi dress. Some of the tips and trends for dressing at wineries are mentioned below.


It is better to avoid clutches at wineries and go for hand bags so that your hands are free for holding glasses and you won’t need to stay worried for losing or misplacing your clutch.


This season, thigh high boots are in fashion. These have a trendy look and are perfect for wine tours. You don’t know the type of area that you would be walking on so it’s better to avoid heels and go for something comfortable. Surely you don’t want to stutter in your heels after having glasses of wine.  


The dresses that you can wear at wineries are maxi dresses (if you want a bohemian style), mini-skirts with long boots embracing the lampshading trend. Other than these, Cameo Collective ‘Never Enough Knit Jumper’ can be worn with boots and if you feel cold, you may add layers of clothes underneath or a coat over it. If you ordered a maxi in summer, you may wear that with a leather jacket on top to give a different look.


With winters arriving, you need to take your jackets out from the storage. There are a variety of jackets available but leather jackets are the most suitable for any particular event and will look great and casual at a winery. A number of styles are available to choose from.


Sunglasses add class to your look. Not only that but if you’ve had a hangover, or dark circles, don’t leave your eyes open, you may want to hide them through the sunglasses, they act as a perfect concealer.

The Hat

Of course you don’t want to miss out the hat. A hat acts as a cherry on top, providing the final touch to your look. Even the simplest of dresses can be made classy and trendy by wearing a hat.

These were some of the latest trends and tips on carrying the perfect look at any winery event. You can find the dresses on https://www.swishfashion.com.au/collections/mother-of-the-bride at a reasonable price.