You can always hire a wedding planner for your big day, but what’s the fun when you don’t get to plan your own wedding and organise things the way you want them to be? If you are someone who has dreamt of a perfect wedding, at the perfect venue in the perfect wedding dress, you definitely should be the one making all the decisions about your wedding.

Speaking of wedding planning, the most important decision to make is choosing the venue. Believe it or not, your venue can make or break the ambience of your wedding ceremony. If you really want everything to go smooth, then you need to find the perfect wedding venue first which is a really time-consuming task, so you should start working on it as soon you know you are about to tie the knot.

Here are some tips that can help you in deciding the perfect wedding venue for your big day:

1-Hiring a planner isn’t a bad idea

If you want to hire a planner for your wedding, that’s absolutely alright because it’s not necessary for you to hold them in-charge of your entire wedding. You can hire a planner for some assistance and suggestions like deciding on the venue, décor, etc. These people are professionals and they have been planning weddings for years, so they know the places that will be perfect for your wedding and just in accordance with your requirements. For example, if you want them to show you some of the best garden wedding venues they will do so and you will love the places they will take you.

2-Know your guest list

Want to save yourself from all the hassle and the headache? If yes, then you should know the number of guests that you are expecting at your wedding. Once you do that and have an estimated number, it will then be easier for you to find the right venue where all the guests can easily fit and watch you saying your vows.

3-Stick to your budget

You should first decide a budget for your wedding venue too. Yes, it’s your wedding and it’s the most important day of your life, but you don’t want to put yourself under any financial burden right? Well, this exactly is the reason why you should decide a budget first and then start looking for venues that are in your decided budget.

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding and it’s all so magical, but on the other hand if you want your wedding to go smooth just like you wanted it to be, then you have to get a little practical with a few things like the budget, food, guest list and the overall ambiance. Just prepare yourself ahead of time and things will fall into place for you automatically.