Nighttime skincare routine is of immense importance especially when you spend a major part of your day outdoors. The air pollution and powerful UV rays are quite damaging for the skin, so you have to let these toxins out before they go on to develop acne and pimples on your face. Washing your face with a face wash alone is simply not enough as the toxins in the air have been quite hard on all of us.

However, nighttime skincare routine often confuses so many of us because the internet and your peers have so much to tell you about it. You just don’t know how to go about the entire thing.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry anymore because we are here to the rescue with some amazing nighttime skincare tips. Even spending hours visiting some of the incredible wine places across Australia won’t say anything.

Let’s get started!

  1. Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse

You must cleanse your skin every single day before going to bed. This is to avoid pollutants and toxins making a safe space in your skin cells and cause unwanted breakouts. You go out and you unknowingly touch your face with unwashed hands so many times that it becomes a problem for your skin. There is no doubt about the fact that we get lazy thinking about moisturizing our skin especially when we have a super long day. However, you should not miss out on this one because it is one of the major tips to keep your skin healthy.

Moreover, cleansing your face is also important because you cannot apply other skincare products unless your skin is completely dirt-free. Whether you stay at home all day or visit the best winemakers with your friends, you must cleanse your face at night.

  • Don’t Forget to Moisturize

So many of our skin issues arise from excessive dryness. Apart from drinking more water, applying a good moisturizer before your bedtime is equally important to protect your skin against acne. If you already have underlying skin issues, then you must consult your dermatologist in order to choose the right moisturizer for your skin. Make sure to moisturize properly and with that, gently massage your skin to ease blood circulation. You can also get an anti-ageing serum at Synergie Skin for better results.

  • Change Pillow Cover and Bedsheets Frequently

Sometimes everything is favorable for your skin except for the bed you sleep on. The dust accumulates on the pillows which goes on to affect your skin adversely. It is also important that you wash your pillow cases and bedsheets with a high-quality detergent and make sure you rinse it properly. The residue of the detergent can also turn out to be quite disastrous for the skin. This should be taken care of especially if you already have acne-prone skin.

  • Sleep With Your Head Elevated

Are you trying to get rid of under eye puffiness? Well, the solution is quite simple! Start sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows. This tip is quite effective in controlling fluid retention under your eyes and makes your face look fresh as ever.