The Barossa Valley is a beautiful region near Adelaide in Australia that is famous for its wineries and is known as a wine-producing region. This gorgeous region has breathtaking views along with some of the best wine in-country and is home to some of the best winemakers.

However, to classify wineries as top wineries there are a few criterions that need to be met. For instance, the setting the winery is in. It’s important to know if it has a gorgeous outdoor view or a homey and comfortable interior. Secondly, the staff that serves there and how knowledgeable they are about their wine and of course how delicious the wine is.

Wine tasting is an art that not a lot of people appreciate but if you’re one of those people then you definitely need to try a few of these wineries mentioned below.

  1. Langmeil Winery

This winery has a breathtaking interior and setting. It is built within a gorgeous and old farmhouse which shows off its beautiful brickwork and it has vines hanging overhead. It has a great atmosphere and is a family run business. Most importantly, the staff working there is very hospitable and welcoming. Inside they even have photos of the founders of the winery which is a great addition for someone who is coming to explore these wineries and from a tourist’s perspective. They have delicious red wine tasting options available and even offer a cheese platter which is a great plus point.

  • Chateau Tanunda

This winery is one of the bigger wineries that are present within the Valley of Barossa and it is one of the more famous places too. People such as Barak Obama and Xi Jinxing have been here for wine tasting and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The setting of the place is like a warehouse, where there is different wine offered and you can taste accordingly. Even though it isn’t very fancy in the setting, it makes it up with the wine it serves. The servers are also known to have a great attitude and knowledge about the wine and winery itself, which is definitely a big plus point.

  • Turkey Flat Vineyard

This is one of those vineyards where you dress up with your friends in great dresses, which you can get at Two Sisters clothing online at Billy J, and enjoy the evening laughing and having a great time with your close ones. Even though it doesn’t seem so fancy, as it is located within an old butchers shop, it is a great place to enjoy your day wine tasting.

The staff is quite young which helps you connect with them as well as shows the appreciation that this generation can actually have for traditions that have been carried for centuries now. Even though the tasting is a little steep, it offers lots of fun outdoor games and activities which make up for it.