There’s no doubt in the fact that Australia is one great place to play especially if you are a wine lover. Australians are quite sensitive about their wines and they make sure that when you drink a glass of their wine, your taste-buds go crazy because you haven’t tasted such good wine ever. It also wouldn’t be wrong to say that Australia is the hub of some of the best wines in the world. So, if you are planning to visit Australia, then make sure to taste some of the best wines there and we assure you that you’d want more.

The reason why wines there taste so good is that the winemakers in Australia take the wine making matter quite seriously. From maintaining the soil biology to working hard and growing the best possible tasting grapes, these people actually struggle a lot so that when you drink a glass of wine, you know you are drinking something magical.

Speaking of winemakers, here are some of the best ones in Australia and you should definitely try their wines if you really are a wine lover:


She is a leader, she is a rockstar and above everything, she is the best winemaker of Australia that you will ever come across. As said earlier, wine is a serious business in Australia and here you will find wineries that are decades old. Same is the case with the winery that’s being operated under the supervision of Louisa. She is the one operating Yalumba tradition and innovation right now which is a 165 year old winery. Her signature wine is the Yalumba – The Virgilius Eden Valley viognier which will only cost you $50.

2-Vanya Cullen Cullen Wines (Margaret River)

The Vanya Cullen Cullen Wines are a must try if you like your wines a little sweet. They serve the best possible wines in Australia and you are simply going to love the taste. So, yes you should definitely give it a try.


The grapes used by Tom Shobbrook are grown bio-dynamically and the wine simply tastes like heaven. Believe it or not, it’s not a big wine brand name in Australia, but once you try the Shobbrook’s wine, you are going to fall in love with the taste because it’s that good!


It’s going to be hard to find this wine because when both the husband and the wife together make a wine, it sells quite fast. If you are looking forward to a wine that is light on alcohol and you can drink easily, then you need to get your hands on this wine right now.

These are some of the best Australian winemakers and wines out there. So, if you ever visit Australia or if you are already there, then you need to taste the above-mentioned wines because they are definitely worthy of your money.