There are several foods or desserts that taste even more delicious when paired with a suitable beverage. However, choosing the right one is certainly a challenging task as it can make a big difference.

When it comes to oysters serving them with wine is an ideal choice for most food connoisseurs. So, if you have decided to serve seafood to your guests for dinner and are not quite sure which wine to pick, then ahead are some options for you.


A muscadet has high acidity but also has a bone-dry texture—a perfect white wine best suited with seafood such as oysters. If you choose to go with this wine, then you probably do not need to serve lemons separately for the oysters.

Sauvignon Blanc

Any wine with high acidity is ideal for seafood as it is usually served with lemon. Thus, if you choose high acidity wines, you can skip serving lemons. Sauvignon blanc has a light and tangy taste, which is just what you need with your divine oysters.


Made in the finest wineries of Spain, Albarino is a citrusy wine that is just fine to drink with oysters. Besides, seafood is generally associated with summer, and the beach feels. Serving this wine with oysters definitely takes your guests to the summer beachy vibes. You can also serve this one with seafood other than oysters, such as scallops, fish tacos, etc.


Oyster is seafood, and that’s why it doesn’t have a rough texture but rather a slippery or smooth one. Therefore, pairing it with champagne can complete the taste as champagne is a dry sparkling wine that has some depth in the taste.

Mostly, it has a bready flavour. Champagne also looks classy while serving as compared to other beverages, which helps in setting the ambience.


There are different variants of making oysters. If you are serving raw oysters, then this wine not be compatible with that. However, when paired with Chardonnay, smoked or fried oysters, make an appetising combination. The secret is that the creamy texture of this wine goes quite well with the dipping sauce for oysters.

Fino Sherry

Those who are not a fan of wines but do not mind pairing them with the food can try Fino sherry. It is a dry white wine with nutty flavours. Salty or earthy oysters taste delectable when served with this wine.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the wines that can go well with most of the seafood but especially with oysters. Making oysters at home is not an easy thing to do. But, if you decide to go with it, then make sure to have all the right tools for it.

You might need a stabber to cut the oyster. A stabber is an oyster knife. If you do not have one, then you can buy an oyster knife in Australia online from here. What are you waiting for now? Grab your knife and start making that delicious oyster. Serve it with wine later.