Why follow the old ways when you can achieve the same result with minimal gadgets and in less amount of time? People have been eating rice since 7000-8000 BCE. Yet there are some people who still can’t cook rice, and it’s not a shame not everyone knows how to do everything.

Rice cookers make the job easier for you. From cooking the perfect rice to saving time, this gadget is best when you find value in daily life. You can buy rice cookers at low prices at sales or online.

Besides making rice, it can also be used for cooking other dishes that are not complicated. Here are some quick tips that will help you with using your rice cooker efficiently and to its maximum potential.

Capacity Of Material You Are Putting In

Rice cookers come according to capacity. Generally, they are in 3 cups, 6 cups, or 10 cups capacities. Reading the manual before using it won’t cause you any harm, and you may know something unique and specific about the model you are going to buy.

The capacity of a cooker can tell you about the amount of cooked and uncooked rice. Large-capacity cookers won’t work well with low amounts of rice, and low-capacity cookers will deliver a different result with more amounts of rice. You need to have two cookers of different capacities, just in case.

Buy The Rice Cooker With A Variety Of Setting

Different rice needs different amounts of time and water for the rice to be cooked at its best state. Brown rice, long grain, jasmine, basmati, black rice, and wild rice all have different amounts of water to be soaked in and time for them to get cooked. Ask the manager to give you the one with the setting so you can choose which rice you want to cook.

Don’t Interrupt The Rice During Cooking  

We all know that impulse to check up on something while it’s done. It’s not a good idea when it comes to food that is cooked under heat and pressure. We know you just want to see if it’s getting appropriately cooked and give it a little stir so you can whip it up as well as possible, but it’s a wrong idea unless you want your rice not properly cooked or overcooked and mushy. Trust the process, and you will get the desired result. So if you have any simple way of doing such a thing, have a leash on yourself and let our rice cooker do the work for you. It may require a lot of willpower, but it will definitely be worth it after a few minutes.


Just having the rice cooker is not enough; you should be able to know how it works and how you want it at the back of your head to make use of it.  The best thing about a rice cooker is that you can make several delicious dishes in it. All you need is a little creativity, and you are good to go.