5 Of the Best UK Wineries

Vineyards have a long and venerable history in the U.K. Numerous researchers trust that the Romans brought their own grapes and vine cuttings with them two thousand years back, when they initially settled in England. For a considerable length of time thereafter, individuals in the U.K. developed their own grapes and made their very own wine. It was only after 1152 when Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II and wine from Bordeaux began to be sold in England, that commercial wine-growing in the U.K. began to fade. When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, where winemaking traditionally took place, it died out entirely. Luckily, however, there U.K. winemaking had a comeback in the 20th century-and today the U.K. produces some excellent wines. If you’re a wine lover, here are 5 Best Yarra Vally Wineries you won’t want to miss.

Carr Taylor Vineyards

In 1985, these winemakers were the first to make English sparkling wine. Located in Westfield just six miles north of historic Hastings, the vineyard is situated in a sheltered valley of rich soil over a bed of Wealden sandstone-an ideal environment for grape-growing. The vineyard is open to tours and sells sparkling, traditional, and a variety of fruit wines.

Three Choirs Vineyards

This well-known and much awarded single-estate vineyard is located in Gloucestershire, with 75 acres of vines surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. They host vineyard experience days, where guests can spend the day helping with wine harvesting and production, along with a three-course lunch, wine tasting, and two complimentary bottles of wine.

Biddenden Vineyards

This is the oldest commercial vineyard in Kent, dating back to 1969. Located near Leeds Castle, this vineyard produces excellent wines along with apple and pear ciders and juices. They offer free admissions and tastings. Tours are available by appointment and include a guided walk of the vineyards and winemaking facilities as well as a complimentary tasting.

Llanerch Vineyards

Located in the scenic countryside of Glamorgan in Wales, this vineyard offers the full visitor experience-fine dining, bed-and-breakfast accommodations, tours of the grounds and facilities, wine tastings, and even cooking classes. The vineyard is one of the oldest commercial vineyards in Wales.

Rosemary Vineyard

Located in the Isle of Wight, Rosemary Vineyard has 30 acres of vines and takes full advantage of the sunny, mild climate of the island. They make wines, liqueurs, ciders, and juices made from their own locally grown fruits, and they have won several awards for their products-including gold at the Great Taste Awards in 2007 for their elderberry liqueur. They offer tours and wine tastings to visitors by appointment.

The climate and soil of the U.K. have produced many excellent home-grown vintages, and a visit to its vineyards is sure to be enjoyable to wine lovers of all nationalities. Whether you like whites, reds, sparkling wines, or fruit liqueurs, there’s sure to be a vineyard in your area that suits your tastes.

So there you have a list of the best 5. Anyone of these valley vineyard can make a wonderful vacation for you!